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AADO is a women Led and an indigenous non – governmental organization legally registered in South Sudan with registration #2604. AADO was stablished in 2018 by volunteer professionals in South Sudan as a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, and nonsectarian organization.  AADO national office is situated in Juba Na Bari next to Bilpam Road behind Shabele Petrol stations former IGAD offices . Our current operations are focused in Eastern, Central, Western Equatorial, Jonglei State, NBR and Upper Nile State and Jonglei states. AADO is responsive, accountable, and committed to sanctity of life and dignified wellbeing for all. We are dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through capacity building, emergency response mechanisms, and development programing.


In 2018 AADO opened its operations in South Sudan through partnership with other established organizations, government and county departments, and with network of private sector actors. Critical to its grassroots work is the invaluable collaboration with local and community structures including village health committees, community health and animal health workers, gender and child protection committees, extension workers, and WASH promoters. These structures have enabled AADO to competently provide community-tailored health care services, food security and livelihoods interventions, Protection support, and WASH services to underserved communities.

The organization is well equipped with outstanding seasoned, well trained and professionally competent personnel both in the technical and the management sector, all this to fulfill the main cause and its purpose take the leading ground in and around the region.

The Executive Director as well as the Chairperson for the Organization is Ms. Lilian Ajidiru  a typical South Sudanese dually authorized to represent the organization and sign tenders and documents on behalf of the organization




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