AADO Objectives



  • Creating the sense of ownership and taking a step to maintain the standing projects, being an indigenous organization for the people of South Sudan
  • To participate in the country development through Nation Building and Humanitarian Responses
  • The organization is also looking forward to join hands with the GOSS and other NGO’s to build the capacity of the local CBOs, CDCs etc through on job training
  • To improve the quality of life of the women/girls and vulnerable children by establishing a permanent home, school and health care center and digging boreholes for them and many more
  • To train care givers in care giving skills to enable vulnerable women/girls get adequate care and support
  • To provide adequate education to girls to make them good citizens and have a better future through good education right from a teen age
  • To create awareness to the community and the outside world the need to protect and support the girl child and orphaned children as well as protecting their rights
  • To advocate for peace and conflict resolution in South Sudan
  • To carry out capacity building programs/ Initiatives  
  • To advocate for women, Children, Orphans, Elderly and the handicapped
  • To promote agricultural activities in urban and rural areas in South Sudan
  • To improve and create awareness programs base on the issues of health related diseases cases in the community especially in the remote areas within South Sudan
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